2016 Strategic Evaluation

Melissa RayBlog

This year we teamed up with catalyst agency always possible to produce our annual strategic evaluation, with which we hope to create a transparent understanding of how Brighton Digital Festival works – and doesn’t – to keep us open to change.


View here: Brighton Digital Festival 2016 Strategic Evaluation


Through reflecting the stories of a variety of stakeholders, audiences, independent event organisers, commissioned artists, the Festival Consortium, local organisations and individuals, this evaluation tells the story of Brighton Digital Festival 2016, explores how Brighton Digital Festival could develop over the coming years and finds new opportunities to make the BDF experience even better for audiences and organisers.


We’re currently in the process of developing this story, fine-tuning the aims and values of the festival and exploring ways to become more sustainable moving forward. So, have a read and get in touch with any comments, concerns or ideas because our door is always open.