Arts & Technology Commissions Open for 2014 Brighton Digital Festival


We are happy to announce that for the 2014 festival, BDF will be awarding six Arts & Technology Commissions of £4,000, to support the development and exhibition of artworks for the 2014 festival.

In prior years we have had works by David Blandy, Timo Arnall, Hide & Seek, as well as Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich from Feral Trade. Their contributions have elevated the artistic programming for the festival and helped us become the fastest growing digital culture festival, and we are keen to continue exhibiting great works of art across Brighton.

This year we are aiming to commission ambitious works that embody the multifaceted nature of Brighton Digital Festival, and explore a fusion between arts and technology. The awards are intended for new works, or works that will be taken to ‘the next level’.

Artists, technologists and other creative practitioners are invited to submit a proposal of work to the festival before the 4th of July. Awards will be chosen by a panel made up of Festival Consortium members, and winning projects will be announced in mid July.

For more information about the Arts & Technology Commissions, download the full brief.