Sonic Market Launch

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The Open Market hosts a new permanent sound art installation by Meyouandus, commissioned by Brighton Digital Festival and Brighton and Hove Council. Join us for a first listen.

2016 Strategic Evaluation

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This year we teamed up with catalyst agency always possible to produce our annual strategic evaluation, with which we hope to create a transparent understanding of how Brighton Digital Festival works – and doesn’t – to keep us open to change.

#BDF15 Photoblog

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2015 has been a record-breaking year for Brighton Digital Festival – with the highest number of events and broadest live and online audience to date. While we reflect on the month and look forward to what’s ahead, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the innovators, tinkerers, forward thinkers and creative minds that powered Brighton Digital Festival 2015 – it’s your passion and creativity that make the festival what it is. As a small thank you we’ve gathered some of our favourite photos from the months’ activities – Enjoy!

Announcing our 2015 Grassroots Fund Awardees

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Outstanding community-driven activity is at heart of Brighton Digital Festival. Since 2013 we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to offer Grassroots Fund Awards of £500 to independently organised events that are small in scale but large in scope, with a particular focus on activity that would be unlikely to take place without financial support. We’re very excited to announce our Grassroots Fund Awardees for #BDF15:

Social Media Pro Tips

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On 11th August we held a Pro Tips workshop for #BDF15 event organisers around making the most out of their social media channels before, during and after their events. For those of you that couldn’t make it, here’s what we covered.

Digital Education at #BDF15

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Our wish for the Brighton Digital Festival Education strand is to involve and engage more young people, schools, colleges and life long learners from all communities within Brighton and the surrounding areas. The explosion in digital making is being well represented by a range of events during the festival and we want to ensure these opportunities are available to the widest audience.

Crowdfunding Pro Tips

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As part of our series of Pro Tips sessions we invited Declan Cassidy (MakerClub) and Sophie Giblin (Kollektiv Gallery) to answer questions about crowdfunding projects and events. Here’s a brief overview of what #BDF15 Event Organisers wanted to know.

Call for Experimental/Noise Musicians

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New York artist Jeff Thompson has been commissioned by the Festival to create the White Noise Boutique and for the opening night on 11 September he would like to invite musicians to join him for short performances.

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton at #BDF15

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The Digital Catapult Centre is running a whole series of events as part of Brighton Digital Festival this year. Here is a quick rundown of the different Catapult activities taking place over the month long digital celebration for you to get involved in.

Announcing our 2015 Arts Commissions

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We are incredibly excited to announce our eight arts commissions for Brighton Digital Festival 2015. This year we had two strands of commissioning; Arts & Technology – for artists and creative technologists to produce ambitious interdisciplinary work that explores the intersection of arts, technology, and society, and newforms – supporting emerging artists to produce new work that presses against or transcends boundaries between art and digital culture.

Brighton Digital Festival appoints first ever Chair

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Brighton Digital Festival is delighted to announce that it has appointed Jon Pratty, as its first ever Chair. Jon is a digital thought leader who has dedicated his professional life to driving ideas concerned with arts, digital and society. He was the architect of the festival during its creation in 2011 and now returns to the helm to steer its strategy, guide its ongoing development and spread the digital message to the masses.

Your PR Cheat sheet

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Last week the Brighton Digital Festival PR team at Fugu held a workshop for event organisers to get practical advice on how to promote their events in Brighton. We put together a set of resources that has been deemed too useful to keep hidden, so I’m making it available to all!

Creative, Digital & IT Open Studios

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Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at some of Brighton’s most innovative and creative companies? This year as part of Brighton Digital Festival 2015, Wired Sussex have invited 27 Brighton-based Creative, Digital & IT Companies to run 33 events over 4 days – resulting in a jam-packed line-up of workshops, drop-ins, demonstrations, talks, parties and games tournaments.

Event Submissions Are Open


Event submissions for #BDF15 are now open, and event organisers can now submit their events through the new Festival website from now, and start preparing for the celebrations to kick off in September! We wanted to share some top-tips for submitting your event to the website, so you can get the most out of your experience.

Grassroots Fund 2015 – Submissions Open


With the opening of the 2015 Brighton Digital Festival event submissions, the Festival is pleased to announce that we will again be reviving the Grassroots Fund Awards as part of this year’s Festival programme.

Digital Education Awards – Submissions Open


Independently produced events celebrating digital arts and culture are at the heart of Brighton Digital Festival, and we are pleased that this year we will again be opening applications for Digital Education Awards…

Art at #BDF14: Photoblog

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BDF has always featured a wide range of exceptional digital arts exhibitions, performances, interventions and interactions – and 2014 was no different. Check out these fantastic photos from Oleg Pulemjotov.

Digitally Added Value

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I am writing this at the start of the last week of Geo-Writing, which has run throughout the festival. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response. Not just the amount, but the quality of the writing.

The Fight Lab and BDF

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For those of you that don’t know us already (I’m sure that covers most of Brighton), The Fight Lab is a local organisation that runs video games culture events.

#BDF14 Photos – two weeks in

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Brighton Digital Festival 2014 is well and truly in full swing – and showing no signs of slowing down. As we find ourselves halfway through the month, it feels like a good time to take a minute to reflect on all of the digital splendor that has gone on over the past couple of weeks.

#bdfFTW – An interactive digital canvas powered by you.


Throughout the duration of the Brighton Digital Festival, the second floor windows of the Brandwatch headquarters – next to Brighton Station – will be draped with a hand-crafted LED curtain. It will display personalized messages and designs from Twitter users around the world, as well as information about the Brighton Digital Festival and its events.

How the Brighton Museum got remixed

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The truth is that it all started with a desire to be part of the Brighton Digital Festival. So at the beginning of the year we met up with the lovely people from Brighton Museum and the fantastic animator Dave Packer.

The Hidden Web


My name is Jude Leck. I was up until recently, studying Psychology at University. Just so you know, I won’t be including the name of the university or my real name. I’ve just received word that the authorities will be notified if I ever set foot on campus grounds again. I have absolutely no idea how this could have happened.

OggBots! : Making is learning


What is the best way to learn? It’s a big question, right? One, that some very clever people have been trying to answer for a long time, but while we’ve only just begun to unravel the secrets of our own brain, we can presume a few things. Firstly, that learning is social and requires us to share information with each other, secondly, that it’s based on experience and thirdly, you need motivation to make it happen. Get those three things right and you’re flying!

Announcing our Arts and Tech Commissions 2014

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We are delighted to announce the six Arts and Tech Commissions for Brighton Digital festival 2014. These commissions were devised to support the development and exhibition of new and ambitious pieces of work that explore the fusion between arts and technology.