Art at #BDF14: Photoblog

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BDF has always featured a wide range of exceptional digital arts exhibitions, performances, interventions and interactions – and 2014 was no different. Check out these fantastic photos from Oleg Pulemjotov.

Digitally Added Value

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I am writing this at the start of the last week of Geo-Writing, which has run throughout the festival. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response. Not just the amount, but the quality of the writing.

The Fight Lab and BDF

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For those of you that don’t know us already (I’m sure that covers most of Brighton), The Fight Lab is a local organisation that runs video games culture events.

#BDF14 Photos – two weeks in

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Brighton Digital Festival 2014 is well and truly in full swing – and showing no signs of slowing down. As we find ourselves halfway through the month, it feels like a good time to take a minute to reflect on all of the digital splendor that has gone on over the past couple of weeks.

#bdfFTW – An interactive digital canvas powered by you.


Throughout the duration of the Brighton Digital Festival, the second floor windows of the Brandwatch headquarters – next to Brighton Station – will be draped with a hand-crafted LED curtain. It will display personalized messages and designs from Twitter users around the world, as well as information about the Brighton Digital Festival and its events.

How the Brighton Museum got remixed

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The truth is that it all started with a desire to be part of the Brighton Digital Festival. So at the beginning of the year we met up with the lovely people from Brighton Museum and the fantastic animator Dave Packer.

Geo-Writing – The opening chapter(s)

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So, the free communal digital storytelling event that is is nearing the end of its first week. I thought I’d let you know the story(ies) so far….

The Hidden Web


My name is Jude Leck. I was up until recently, studying Psychology at University. Just so you know, I won’t be including the name of the university or my real name. I’ve just received word that the authorities will be notified if I ever set foot on campus grounds again. I have absolutely no idea how this could have happened.

OggBots! : Making is learning


What is the best way to learn? It’s a big question, right? One, that some very clever people have been trying to answer for a long time, but while we’ve only just begun to unravel the secrets of our own brain, we can presume a few things. Firstly, that learning is social and requires us to share information with each other, secondly, that it’s based on experience and thirdly, you need motivation to make it happen. Get those three things right and you’re flying!

Announcing our Arts and Tech Commissions 2014

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We are delighted to announce the six Arts and Tech Commissions for Brighton Digital festival 2014. These commissions were devised to support the development and exhibition of new and ambitious pieces of work that explore the fusion between arts and technology.

BDF Digital Education Coordinator

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I’m really pleased to be working on Brighton Digital Festival 2014 and will be tweeting about events that will pique your curiosity, enable your creativity and expand your knowledge.

Announcing our Grassroots Fund Awardees 2014

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We are very pleased to announce the awardees for our Grassroots Fund 2014. The Grassroot Fund awards are used to support independently organised events from individuals and community groups as part of Brighton Digital Festival.

10 social media strategy tips via @CliveAndrews

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Last night we had the pleasure of hosting Clive Andrews at The FuseBox, who spent an hour advising BDF organisers on making the most of their social media platforms. It was so good that we had to share it with you guys (albeit a condensed version).

Your PR cheat sheet

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Last week the Brighton Digital Festival PR team at Fugu held a workshop for event organisers to get practical advice on how to promote their events in Brighton. We put together a set of resources that has been deemed too useful to keep hidden, so I’m making it available to all!

Get excited – BDMF is back in town!


BDMF is back and in its fourth year! This year’s festival will be held on Thursday September 18th and boasts a better line up than ever. Due to popular demand we have doubled our ticket allocation, meaning this time round we have space for 350 marketers!

Engaging with PR

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Hi, I’m John. It’s my responsibility to get Brighton Digital Festival covered as much as possible – in local and national newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and written about online – so that greater audiences hear about and engage with your events. There are plenty of opportunities for us to work together and include your events in this national coverage.

Call for Art: The New Sublime 2014

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The New Sublime is an artist-led group show, presented as part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2014. They are looking for art in any form which involves digital technology in its production and/or presentation.

Event Submissions Open for 2014

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We are excited to announce that event submissions for #BDF14 are now officially open, which means that event organisers can submit their events through our website from now until the festival kicks off in September.

ACE awards Brighton Digital Festival


We are pleased to announce that Brighton Digital Festival has been awarded funding from Arts Council England! The funding will help support festival activities for 2014 and 2015, and is provided by the National Lottery through ACE’s Grants for the Arts programme.

Prizes By The Sea

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At Facebook we love to see hackathon projects turn in to features used by billions of people or tools that get used every day. Parse and Facebook will be giving away some great prizes at the “Parse By The Sea” hackathon on the 26th of September to help make that happen. [Read more…]

Sounds Holographic – Countdown

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The countdown is on for the ‘Sounds Holographic’ extravaganza and I feel very blessed and lucky to be the director presenting to you. With a collection of 10 exquisite sound, dance and visual artists we shall creatively explore and experiment with the scientific and mystical qualities of sound resonance. [Read more…]

All the fun of the Festival…

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This is the last week of what’s been a hugely successful month packed full of art exhibitions, digital events, installations and workshops. The Brighton Digital Festival has truly showcased the creative and innovative digital community here in Brighton. [Read more…]

Review: Brighton Digital Festival’s Feminism 3.0

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Last Saturday Brighton Digital Festival’s Feminism 3.0 debate brought together five dynamic women at the Corn Exchange – including comedian Bridget Christie, 15-year-old blogger Lilinaz Evans, No More Page 3 campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes and Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore.

Review: Charity Chuckle Goes Digital

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Photo by Oleg Pulemjotov -

Charity Chuckle has been putting on quality comedy nights for the last four years and has already raised an impressive £10,000 for local charities and community groups. The packed ‘Digital’ show at the Komedia last week was probably their biggest technical challenge yet.

Review: BrightonSEO

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#brightonSEO – was a free one day conference on Friday 13 September aimed at geeks, wordsmiths and all those in between seeking early adopter status on that great big infographic in the sky.

Talking Digital with BERG, Sennep, & Crystal London

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Each month, Design Brighton hosts an event which sees people from all creative disciplines coming together to connect, inspire and create. For September, Design Brighton is holding a very special event indeed for the Brighton Digital Festival – with a stellar line up of three great speakers from the digital industry. ‘Talking Digital’ at The Old Market on Monday 16th September will be a fantastic opportunity to gain a real insight into the work of three exciting design studios…

Geo-Writing – Many Tales of One City

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I didn’t meant to do it. I’d gone to the organiser’s meeting for Brighton Digital Festival at the Old Market in my capacity as co-organiser (together with Grit Lit and Ethical-Seo) of the Flash Lit Fiction event on the 26th September. Then suddenly, swept up by the enthusiasm and creative energy in the room, and with the website deadline just 3 days away, I decided to also bring forward a completely separate project.