Engaging with PR

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Hi, I’m John. It’s my responsibility to get Brighton Digital Festival covered as much as possible – in local and national newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and written about online – so that greater audiences hear about and engage with your events. There are plenty of opportunities for us to work together and include your events in this national coverage.

To help make that happen, here’s a quick guide to how you can engage with the Brighton Digital Festival 2014 PR activities.

1. Tell me about yourself. It’s crucial that I know about you, your team, your event and your background. I want to talk about the great events at the Festival so make sure I can talk about yours.

2. Keep telling me about yourself. There will be great developments and discoveries between now and September. If you have news to share, let me know as soon as possible. I can help it go further in all sorts of ways (including it in collections of news alerts, targeting it at specific titles, using relationships I have built), but it loses a lot of news value if it has already been published.

3. Share any and all assets. Got great photography? Share it with me! A trailer video? Excellent, send me a link. Tickets to give away? Let me know and we can try to line up a competition.

4. Be press friendly. Let me know if you can offer press passes or quotes and interviews with your talent or organisers. These are currency when trying to get features written about your event. Do you have any media contacts already that would appreciate some other opportunities at the Festival? Put them in touch with me and we can make sure they have a great and productive time.

5. Promote the Festival. Make sure people are aware you’re part of this big digital culture event. Download the logo and put it on your site, press releases and publicity materials. Provide links back to the site on your website or newsletters. It’s great cross-promotion that will help you and your event organiser peers. Plus it helps us stick around to offer additional services like PR and marketing!

So, get in touch. You can contact me at digitalbrighton@fugupr.com or call the office on 01273 327514


Fugu PR are running a PR Workshop for BDF Event Organisers next week prior to our July BDF Meet-Up. You can attend via the Eventbrite page. Tuesday 22nd July 17:00 @ The Victory.