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CiCi Blumstein & The Lucky Frog present: Croaking Drain, Hidden Frog


1st September, 2014
1st October, 2014

It's a fact: Amphibians are going extinct. That's over 7000 species, disappearing from our planet faster than any other living creature. Even Sir David Attenborough is concerned and around the world, scientists are racing against time to stop the advance of a deadly, amphibian-killing fungus…

Coming to a drain near you soon! Agent Amphibian will be out on the streets of Brighton day and night, listening and recording. However, being mostly a nocturnal creature, she will be particularly active from late afternoons and evenings onwards… The special Looptopia launch event feat. DJ Agent Amphibian’s Croakorus Sound Swamp on 27th Sept. runs from 19:00 ’till late.

Meanwhile, all over the city of Brighton, stories are beginning to emerge: An extinct frog saved by its croak. Small, mysterious ladders appearing in gullypots around Tayside. A plague of frogs on an urban doorstep, yet there is no pond. The chaotic beauty and logic of a frog chorus, captured in an algorithm. A frog burnt into the circuit board of a boiler. A philosophical plumber. An unexplained amphibian mass die-off in Kildare… And there’s talk of a catastrophic global event, known as The Sixth Extinction – could this turn out even worse than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago?

It’s high time for Agent Amphibian to investigate and get under the semi-permeable skin of the matter. Equipped with specialist listening and recording devices, she collects underground croaks and sighs, reaching down to the deepest hidden base-layer of stories that make up this city. Working out of her HQ at The FuseBox in New England House, she probes the network of drains and gullies along the streets of Brighton, gathering mumblings and rumblings, rumours, tremors, croaks, choirs and choruses, strange spontaneous compositions that may hold the key to her greatest challenge yet. But will Agent Amphibian be able to decipher these mysterious field recordings before it is too late?

To find out, join her when she re-emerges as DJ Agent Amphibian in her Croakorus Sound Swamp installation, at the very special launch of Loop.Coop’s brand-new Looptopia app – croak-mixing, live-composing and performing through the night, ever closer towards the heart of her latest case…

Tickets for the special Looptopia launch event feat. DJ Agent Amphibian’s Croakorus Sound Swamp on 27th Sept. are £3.00

Exact details of their launch event are still top-secret, but here’s what Loop.Coop say:

“We’re celebrating the launch of Looptopia — a strange and beautiful app where you can sculpt music visually, jam with 1000s of users, and immerse yourself in an otherworldly musical experience. For one night only, we’ll take over The FuseBox at New England House, and transform it into a cutting-edge Aladdin’s cave, agleam with digital delights. Expect blissful tunes, immersive visuals, interactive installations, live dance and performance. Try out Looptopia as it is projected live, and see your musical-creations come to life within the space. The Beta version of the Looptopia app launches in line with Brighton Digital Festival on the 1st September – to try it out and become one of the first to explore Looptopia, head to http://loop.coop/ ”