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The Waiting Wall


21st September, 2015
28th September, 2015


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The Waiting Wall is a digital version of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall that we can all use, displaying anonymous messages submitted by people waiting at the station.

For a week in September, commuters waiting at Brighton Station will notice a new display as they look up from their free newspapers.  Despite appearances, this will not be displaying the usual advertisements or train departure times; instead anonymous messages from fellow commuters will be shown for all the public to see.

Inspired by author and philosopher Alain de Botton’s idea of transforming Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall into something that we can all use:

“…an electronic version of The Wailing Wall… would anonymously broadcast our inner woes… The wall would offer a basic yet infinitely comforting – public acknowledgement that … none us are alone in the extent of our troubles.” – Alain de Botton.

It’s often when waiting, for something or someone, that there is the time to reflect.  This can be uncomfortable or it can be a blessing: a break from rushing around where we are never quite alone with our thoughts. Let worries, regrets and hopes bubble to the surface. Anonymously share them with the wall so we can all find consolation from the fact that none of us are alone in our private world of innermost feelings. Visit thewaitingwall.com to see the wall and post a message. Let your private thoughts out and contribute to something beautiful.

Musician & technologist: Alan Donohoe, designer & technologist: Steven Parker are: Free The Trees. They were inspired by, and extremely grateful to, Alain de Botton

thewaitingwall.com  / @thewaitingwall/