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18th September, 2014 @ 8:00 pm
21st September, 2014 @ 5:00 pm


Kid Friendly:


Dorset Place Gallery
1 Dorset Place, Edward Street
Brighton, BN2 1ST
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Wireless-Fidelity invites you to take a new data sonification device to the streets and hear the invisible network infrastructure that permeates the city.

Wireless-Fidelity presents a new method for the ‘aestheticisation of experience’ by sounding the network infrastructure of the modern city, while highlighting the political influences within it. Built from a Raspberry Pi computer and programmed using Linux and PureData, the device sonifies surrounding wireless networks by identifying their corporate operators and uses this data to create and evolve a generative sound composition. Sounds flit in and out of the listener’s range as they walk through the city, or develop into ever-evolving compositions when still. The listener’s route maps the invisible topology of the corporate-dominated network, whose political and ideological decisions define our rights and access to the internet itself.

For the Brighton Digital Festival, visitors will be able to take Wireless-Fidelity devices out of the gallery on short loans to explore the invisible network underpinning the city around them.  The listener’s walk will arrange a generative sound composition, created by both their route through the city and the corporate identities present in the network around them.

About the artist:

Wesley Goatley (1982) is a sound artist and musician living and working in Brighton, England. Wesley’s work operates within the politics and experience of sound and space through performance and mixed-media works. His recent developments in large-scale public installations have led to new projects exhibited at the Brighton Fringe Festival, Cinecity Film Festival, and the Brighton Digital Festival 2013, building on previous exhibitions in London, Berlin, and Bologna. As a musician, Wesley has toured extensively through North America and Europe, both with solo performances and collaborations with sound and visual artists, and continues to compose and perform regularly. His research in art and performance centres around the hierarchy of the performer-listener, network politics, and new interfaces for musical expression.

Please note: Proof of ID will be requested to those wishing to take Wireless-Fidelity devices outside the gallery – any photo ID will do!