Geo-Writing – The opening chapter(s)

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So, the free communal digital storytelling event that is is nearing the end of its first week. I thought I’d let you know the story(ies) so far….

Having started by painstakingly transferred latitudes and longitudes for places such as Lower Rock Gardens, Hove Town Hall, or Southover Street (& about 75 more), this year it’s not just Brighton, but Beyond! A further 150 are now digitally deposited out of area.

Last year, with all prompts with the BN1 to BN3 postcode, anyone in New York’s nearest prompt ended up being Portslade old village, and anyone in Sweden might get Hollingbury’s Asda. While that works as a sort of randomised Tourist-Information-At-A-Distance, I thought i would widen the net of prompts. But once you start widening, where do you stop? The net now covers the globe (although with holes big enough to let East Anglia through).

Yes, I know the internet’s global reach is well known (the clue is what the ‘www’ stands for) but it’s still kind of humbling to realise that your little event run as part of Brighton Digital Festival is being looked at – inspiring – people in Chicago, Brisbane, San Francisco, Oslo etc on its first day.

Oh, and after the first day, I was thinking ‘this is proving unexpectedly popular in Lanzarote.’ with probably 10% of visitors enjoying that prompt. Then i realised it’s what my code gives out if it thinks your latitude and longitude are both zero. (I’d be a useless Sat Nav). Still, I’ve now included a Plan B where people can still take part.

Having tracked people accessing their prompts, I’ve now started receiving the first few pieces of writing. Take a look via the site. If you’re the type that likes a list here and now then here’s one: balloons, arguments, falling dolls, ripped photos, and an alien all feature in the first submitted stories. (Yes, aliens again. They were big last year).

What next? That’s up to you. runs until the end of September.