Get to it or Get in: Accessibility & Your Event

Cusp IncBlog

From connecting with new audiences in a meaningful way to making sure people can comfortably get to, get into and enjoy your BDF16 event, being more inclusive doesn’t have to be a turn off. On the contrary, it can develop new ways of getting what you do out there more effectively, appealing to more people on their terms.

We know that it’s a bit late in the day to tell you to put your access hat on for BDF16, but we reckon that if you’re involved in hosting an event this year, you’re likely to be doing the same next year and in years to come.  We’re on a mission to ensure that the festival with its staggering array of events is as open to as many people as it can be now and in the future.

So here’s a short checklist that we think will be useful this year as you put the final touches to your event and start to push it out there.

  • Promote your event in new ways. If you favour one platform, try another and see if it generates a new following.  A countdown to your event is good with visual teasers. Make sure to pulse your comms.
  • Put a face, a name, a number so that people can contact someone directly to find out more about your event and if it’s going to work for them or not.  Honesty is key.  Do this on your BDF16 event listing or a separate mailing.
  • Put as much info about getting to your event and parking nearby. What can people expect to see and do, when and where, whilst they’re with you?
  • Be clear about options to break out, take a rest, have a drink, eat something. If an earlier visit or later is likely to be quieter.  Can you stage a short experiential visit or tour before the main event. Is there a local eatery who can give your audiences a discount?
  • Find out if people are having a good time whilst they are there, encourage happy people to share their experience, and take the not so good feedback on the nose. It’s all useful for future planning and promotions, so it’s not just you doing all the talking.

If you have any specific access questions you’d like to talk through about your event, then you can contact through September. Cuspinc is a Brighton based organisation with expertise in accessibility and inclusion  

We will be contacting you after September to gauge what went well for you and what didn’t and what you’d like to build on for the future. In Spring 2017 we will be running a series of workshops to help you strategically plan and resource what you need to make your event more appealing and open for next year.