How the Brighton Museum got remixed

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The truth is that it all started with a desire to be part of the Brighton Digital Festival. So…

…at the beginning of the year we met up with the lovely people from Brighton Museum and the fantastic animator Dave Packer. Very quickly the idea developed to run a two-day animation workshop with young people from the museum’s summer programme, using the museum and its artifacts as a creative starting point. We decided to call it ‘REMIX THE MUSEUM’.

The project consists of three elements

1. Workshops… these were run by Dave. A very enthusiastic group of 13-19 year olds were given free rein to explore the museum and create their own animations.

2. Installation of three projectors that show an edited collection of the films on the South balcony in the museum

3. Exciting online presence of various clips and examples of the animations… have a look at

I have so enjoyed collaborating with Brighton Museum and Dave Packer on this project. The enthusiasm and focus shown by the young participants has really impressed me. Although the museum was the inspiration for all of them, each has responded in a very individual way. I’ve been amazed how different and unique each of the animations is…. but please see for yourself!

The Installation is on until the 28th September. During this period new content will be added so you might want to pop in more than once!

We will also have a ‘Remix the Museum’ Family day on the 27th September, with various projections and activities. Please come along and join in.