OggBots! : Making is learning


What is the best way to learn? It’s a big question, right? One, that some very clever people have been trying to answer for a long time, but while we’ve only just begun to unravel the secrets of our own brain, we can presume a few things. Firstly, that learning is social and requires us to share information with each other, secondly, that it’s based on experience and thirdly, you need motivation to make it happen. Get those three things right and you’re flying!


Human beings require personal tactile experience to best understand the world. Simply put, when we first touch fire, its hot, so we don’t do it again, but if you saw your friend touch it and he told you not too, you still wouldn’t be 100% sure that fire wasn’t something that was actually bad for you and you’d probably touch it anyway, you need to do it yourself to truly understand. The same goes for modern schooling, while learning from a textbook is fine if you want to pass an exam, it’s not really useful for truly understanding a subject, for that, you must put it into practise. At Makerclub, we believe that people learn best through project based making and sharing, fun experiences that are packed with learning, require cooperation and made to inspire self discovery.


This year, we’ll be putting those beliefs into practise with our Brighton Digital Festival commission, Project: OggBots, a city wide immersive treasure hunt for ages 8 to 80. Participants will dash around to city meeting characters, dodging ‘Men In Black’, solving clues and picking up components that will teach basic electronics in a way that excites and encourages the brain to remember and embrace them. We’re working with immersive theatre specialists, Roots Experience and local prop and set designers to create a something very special. We’ll be running over the last two weekends in September and entrance is free, but spaces are limited so make sure to register, click here (www.makerclub.org/oggbots).