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On 11th August we held a Pro Tips workshop for #BDF15 event organisers around making the most out of their social media channels before, during and after their events. For those of you that couldn’t make it, here’s what we covered:


1. Copy, Content & Agenda

Identify the purpose of your event and then use that to write strong, direct copy

Ask yourself the following questions:
– Who is my event for?
– What does it offer them?
– Why am I running it?
– Could I explain it to a strange in under 25 words?*

*This exercise is important for a number of reasons; 1. You’ll end up with some attention-grabbing one-liners, 2. You’ll be able to speak to people about your event concisely, 3. Many printed events listings have small word-limits.

Setting an agenda

– Fluid or formal? You might not need to write a minute-by-minute running order, but people like to know what to expect.
– Manage expectations. It’s all well and good writing punchy, exciting copy – but make sure you can deliver what you promise.
– Include perks. Food and alcohol are easy-wins, but be sure to mention social and networking opportunities too.


2. Building Good Foundations on Eventbrite

Things Eventbrite can do

– Help you manage your signups. Particularly useful if you have a strict venue capacity.
– Tell you when someone signs up via email notifications
– Keep all of your event information in one place
– Find out more about your attendees by setting up custom questions in the order form
– Tell you how to use it. There’s nothing I’m mentioning today which is not already available in Eventbrite’s Help Centre

Getting the little details right

– Address & Map. Make sure it’s displaying the venue correctly – it’s not always accurate.
– Fill your Organiser Profile with as much information as possible. That way, people can find out a lot about what you do at a glance.
– Categories & Topics. This optimises the reach of your event within Eventbrite.
– Images & Layout. Logos, artwork or photographs – upload whatever you’ve got!

Tips & Tricks

– Set up custom attendee questions in the order form to find out more about your attendees (.i.e Where did you hear about this event? Do you have any dietary requirements? What’s your main area of interest?)
– Oversubscribe. Expect a 20-30% drop-off with free events.
– Embedding. Eventbrite has great embedding capabilities – make an immediate call-to-action on your website.


3. Researching & Reaching Your Audience

Online & Groups & Forums

РUse keywords to search for relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup and Google.

Local & National Publications

– Local (The Argus, B&H Independent)
– National Press: Email FuguPR on

Free Online Events Calendars

Wired Sussex
The Argus
We Love Brighton
Brighton What’s On
Visit Brighton

A few Ground Rules

– Don’t spam – tailor and personalise messages for who you’re talking to.
– Keep a list of everywhere you’ve listed your event. If something changes, make sure to change it everywhere.


4. Using Social Media Before, During & After Your Event


– Content & visual previews
– @Mention speakers, sponsors, collaborators
– Countdown to the date
– Supporting articles and resources


– Photos
– Live Tweeting content & happenings (this can be scheduled beforehand)
– Engage (favourite, retweet and follow)


– Thankyous (public and personal)
– Blogs and resources
– Feedback surveys
– Next event?




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BDF Coordinator

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