Sonic Market Launch

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Launch event: 2 March, 6pm – 7pm @ The Open Market

@DigitalBrighton #BDF17


Brighton Digital Festival is pleased to announce the launch of permanent digital artwork Sonic Market by media arts organisation Meyouandus at The Open Market. The installation was co-commissioned with Brighton and Hove Council in 2016 and has been in development since Brighton Digital Festival 2016. It is now live for the public to experience and to mark the occasion there will be launch event at The Open Market on Thursday 2 March, 6pm – 7pm.


Sonic Market combines live sound recording, local weather data and digital audio manipulation. Every hour Sonic Market collects the sounds it hears and processes them in real time as they are transformed by live weather data. These altered noises are unobtrusively re-broadcasted into the space that created them –transforming the whole market into an unpredictable musical instrument.


The installation was inspired by the wind that blows through the Open Market and its usefulness in powering musical sculptures and mechanical instruments. The objective is for the generative digital audio to complement and mirror the live market sounds; to enhance the market atmosphere; to be quiet and ambient on a calm Monday morning and more noticeable on a wet and windy busy Saturday; and to make people more mindful of the often ignored sounds that surround us.


Meyouandus are a media arts practice and organisation founded by Alastair Eilbeck and James Bailey in 2011. They create artworks that act as interventions in public spaces (physical and digital), through which they encourage participation and co-creation. Many of their works are site specific and all involve varying degrees of code, video and hardware. Although technology driven, their art always contains a strong conceptual and human element.


Join us for the launch of this permanent digital artwork on Thursday 2nd March at The Open Market for a chance to experience Sonic Market for a full hour.

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