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Last week the Brighton Digital Festival PR team at Fugu held a workshop for event organisers to get practical advice on how to promote their events in Brighton. We put together a set of resources that has been deemed too useful to keep hidden, so I’m making it available to all! If you have any questions about the advice given, or would like some more information, just contact me (Andrew) at

Event Listing Sites

The Best of Brighton and Hove

Note: after inserting event title into title field type- @Brighton Digital Festival e.g. Fugu PR hackathon @ Brighton Digital Festival


Brighton What’s On


We Love Brighton:

The Argus:

Wired Sussex:

Visit Brighton: Email including:

  • Event name
  • Venue
  • Event description
  • Contact details
  • Time, date and price
  • An image (preferably landscape and no smaller than 480 by 290 pixels)

Get yourself listed on these sites. They’re free to submit, are great for web visibility, and offer highlights in newsletters and mobile apps. Make sure you make the most of each field, give full information, good imagery and link back to your event page on the Brighton Digital Festival website.

BDF Logo Pack

This pack includes the logo for this year’s festival. Brand recognition is important for us all, the Brighton Digital Festival name is the constant over the years. It already carries a strong reputation and building it further means next year’s festival will be even busier than this year’s. Please can you add/offer the Brighton Digital Festival logo to any press information you share, marketing material or promotions.

Download logo pack

Press Releases

If you’re putting out any press releases, including this boilerplate really does help journalists and editors understand how the Festival operates. Please add this to the end of any press release you create along with your personal contact details (email and phone).

Whilst we’re talking press releases, here are some examples and tips to make sure your news shines:

Download Boilerplate

Download Press Release Examples

Press Release Tips

  • Journalists receive hundreds of press releases. To ensure yours grabs their attention you need to make sure you start with a concise and punchy headline that creates interest. Good headlines are simple and direct.
  • The first paragraph should contain ALL the main points of the story and any relevant facts or figures.
  • Make sure the first paragraph of the release includes all vital information – Who? What? Why? When? Where? Should all be answered immediately.
  • Subsequent paragraphs should expand on the introduction.
  • Include quotes from a key spokesperson within your company to emphasise any important information.
  • Ensure your release is never more than two pages long, if you grab attention, they will come back to you with further questions.
  • Include relevant images with your release, a good image can make all the difference when it comes to deciding which story to cover.
  • Provide a landscape and portrait image if possible.
  • Ensure one member of staff is fully briefed to answer all press enquiries and then responds QUICKLY to media enquiries – provide a mobile telephone number to ensure you can be reached.
  • All of your contact details should be added at the end, including contact name, telephone number and email (to ensure journalists can reach you if they need more information)
  • Include hyperlinks (website URL address) throughout the copy linking back to your website and the festival ( to maximise search ranking.
  • Use social media to spread the impact of your news (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • And once you’ve sent it personally to the relevant journalists and bloggers, do follow up to see if they need more detail – but don’t ever ask them ‘did you receive my press release?’. Add value, offer more information or images if you follow up (remember – they’re incredibly busy, working to deadlines and receiving hundreds of press releases every day).

It’s also very important to keep me informed about your press releases, announcements and activities. I am already connecting event organisers with press opportunities, so make sure I have the latest news about your event. Just send it over to

Any queries/questions, please do get in touch. Best of luck with your event!

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