ITV 7 Racing Tips

What are the ITV7 racing tips for today?

The ITV7 racing tips change each week and it all depends on which meeting ITV have selected for that Saturday. ITV7 Racing is a competition whereby horse racing followers can try to predict the winners of a pre selected bunch of races.

The races normally involve the Saturday ITV racing programme, and it all depends on whereabouts the coverage is from. There are 7 horse races to predict the winner from, so it is very difficult to win and is not easy, but is a bit of fun if you are watching the racing on ITV on a Saturday.

How do you win ITV7?

To win the ITV7 racing competition you would normally have to predict the winner of the 7 races that ITV have selected for that day. The competition normally runs on a Saturday during the live coverage of ITV’s scheduled horse racing meeting.

If you do correctly predict the winners of the ITV7 races for that day you share the total prize pool for the day, which normally would involve up to £50,000.

Is the ITV7 free?

Yes. The ITV7 racing competition is currently free. All you need to do is to register at ITV, through the ITV7 section of their website. This is a relatively simple process and it will enable you to play the ITV7 racing competition for free.

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