Flash Lit Fiction: Not Just a Flash in the Pan

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New technologies have had a clear impact on how we use language, from the limitations of texting, to the demands for brevity on social media networks, and the need to say what you need to say, quickly and dynamically. These constraints make writers increasingly concise and creative.

The versatility of flash fiction means it adapts to a number of different methods of delivery, both on and off the page, and increasingly within a digital arena.

So this year Flash-Lit Fiction is offering 2 bigger, brighter, digitally enhanced literary events where writers and anyone interested in the relationship between words and digital can take part.

Live Lit Story Slam

The 3rd annual Flash Lit Fiction Slam will take place on 26th September at The Latest Bar, Brighton 7 – 10.30pm for a night of literary slamming, digital experiences and flash-lit trickery, with music, drinks and fun.

At the heart of the event is a 300-word flash fiction slam competition and an online Twitter story competition, live and remotely streamed, with competitors battling it out for fame and glory – oh, and prizes.

Get involved! For more info or to enter the story competitions click here

Write, Hack, Slam!

Flash Lit Fiction is a sponsored this year by Brighton Digital Festival
and by Sussex based digital communications agency Ethical SEO.

It is the creative collaboration between 4 literary producers who run literary events (Grit Lit, Short Fuse, Story Studio), micro fiction website (Paragraph Planet) creative writing workshops and other literary programmes.
For the past 2 years at Brighton Digital Festival FLF have presented a live-lit event with a flash fiction slam at its heart, complemented by a Twitter story competition.

The popularity of Flash-Lit fiction has prompted Amy (writing our Legacy, Grit-Lit) Tim (Grit-lit), Richard (Paragraph Planet) and Tara (Short Fuse, Story Studio), to branch out. They will also be providing an afternoon programme of activity that addresses the digital divide within the literary and creative writing community.

A collaborative space will invite writers, digital communicators, techies and hackers together to share skills, meet peers and make contacts, and help each other in a friendly, creative environment.

The drop-in is a free resource for writers or anyone interested in writing, words and digital. At the Latest on 26th September, a workshop/conference and collaborative space will run between 4 and 7pm and will include:

  • Two 30 minute Nano fiction/Twitter tales workshop delivered by Tara Gould and Tim Lay.
  • Talks by digital writers, new media experts and people running interesting digital/literature projects such as Richard Hearn (Paragraph Planet owner, and creator of ‘Geo-Writing’ for the festival) and Graham Lally who has created and published a book of digitally created Haiku.
  • Digital communications experts and techies to help and advise including Robin Dally, new media whizz, digital comms experts and CEO of Ethical SEO.

So, if you’re a writer developing a website and need some practical help, come down with your laptop. Or if you’d like to know how to improve your social media profile, and better promote yourself online there will be people on hand to help. If you’d like to find out about the best places to publish short stories online, or have a go at writing some then we’d love to meet you!

Give us a shout if you’d like to get involved or want to know more: info@flashlitfiction.com or tweet us @FlashLitFiction

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