Review: Brighton Digital Festival’s Feminism 3.0

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Last Saturday Brighton Digital Festival’s Feminism 3.0 debate brought together five dynamic women at the Corn Exchange – including comedian Bridget Christie, 15-year-old blogger Lilinaz Evans, No More Page 3 campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes and Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore.

These high profile, thought provoking women discussed everything from @everydaysexism to the recent spate of Internet trolling. The result was a night of unadulterated feminist camaraderie, all hosted by New Statesman journalist Helen Lewis.

Social media has had an undeniable effect on activism and has birthed a new wave of digital feminists. Yet the evening brought to light some of the questions still unanswered in the contemporary digital landscape, including how much power does page likes or hashtags really hold – or is it all just clicktivism? And most challengingly, is social media a feminist’s friend or foe?

Lucy-Anne Holmes, No More Page 3 campaigner shared how online petition site and Twitter have played massive parts in enabling her to gather support. Fellow panelist Lilinaz Evans also sided for social media, as she spoke about her successful Twitter Youth Feminist Army.

The sold out event was a strong reminder that modern feminism is in good (and diverse) hands. While social media brings new and murky challenges to the gender equality debate negative, it’s clear it will continue to be a powerful medium to invoke change.


By Amelia Charman, blogger and freelance writer

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