Sounds Holographic – Countdown

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The countdown is on for the ‘Sounds Holographic’ extravaganza and I feel very blessed and lucky to be the director presenting to you. With a collection of 10 exquisite sound, dance and visual artists we shall creatively explore and experiment with the scientific and mystical qualities of sound resonance. Through visual projections the ultimate is to illuminate physical sound waves by way of holographic interferometry. Quantum scientists, musical enthusiasts, energy healers and digital innovators, all welcome to contribute ideas.

The gong is sounded, behind that a microphone sends the sonic vibration through to the speaker, on top of which sits a pool of water. That pool of water resonates into geometric images which then are filmed and cast LIVE into the 360 immersive Soul Dome Cinema. Thus we experience the audio and visual pattern of the sound simultaneously. #BDF2013

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